House on Rodeo Gulch
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Uprooted from her childhood home in Texas by her father's new job, sixteen-year-old Shani Peterson (Megan Jay Simrell) moves to California with her new step-mom, Denise (Chanel Ryan). Having lived together only two months, the two women clash at every turn. Their new home, located deep in the redwoods of Central California is a dream come true... until it's not. With an over friendly Reverend and his alcoholic assistant as their only neighbors, Shani and Denise must unearth the haunting mysteries of the house and its history, before they lose their home and possibly their lives.


director’s notes

House on Rodeo Gulch was created from a true story. While in my late twenties I bought a small three unit apartment building with one of the units vacant. I put in a nice new cream colored carpet in the living room and rented it out to a young couple. A week later I found out the boyfriend had driven his Harley Davidson motorcycle into the living room and had taken the engine apart. Grease and oil was everywhere. Furious, I had no grounds to have them arrested, only give them a Thirty Day Notice to leave. After thirty long days they still hadn't left and thus became my tenants from hell. Between dealing with their harassment and meetings with my lawyer, I secretly toyed with the fantasy of spooking them out of the apartment so that they would leave on their own and my nightmare would be over…. And thus I created-- House on Rodeo Gulch.

Scherer is an upcoming moviemaker to be watched.

Filmmaker William Scherer

the filmmaker

After setting two more World Speed records at Bonneville and with computer and camera equipment coming down in price, Bill took to his next challenge: “Can a person who has never gone to film school write, direct, produce, edit and color a Hollywood caliber movie on a limited budget?”

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William Scherer

Director of Photography

Chen Dubrin

Original Score

Austin Lawrence

Assistant Editors

Don Bui