Director William Scherer shoots and directs and Megan Jay Simrell
House on Rodeo Gulch Premiere

William Scherer

Bill lived all over the world as a Navy brat but grew up mostly in the Washington D.C. area. He first discovered the Arts at St. John’s College High School by playing his guitar in the pit band for the play “South Pacific”. From there he became hooked into theater world and became an actor doing numerous plays during his high school years. 

Bill next attended the Virginia Military Institute and kept close to the arts by playing his guitar in the school’s 18-piece dance band.  Upon graduation he entered the Army as a 2nd Lieutenant and chose to jump out of airplanes with the 82nd Airborne Division. At night with little to do, Bill returned to the theater by joining the Ft. Bragg Playhouse and acting in numerous award-winning plays where he earned numerous leading man roles. 

After serving his country, Bill traveled to Hollywood to work in TV, movies and equity-theater. He has acted with such famous names as Academy Award winner George C. Scott, Dorothy Lamour, Gregory Peck, Charlton Heston, Carol Burnett and Helen Hunt among others but it was behind the camera that most fascinated him. There he was able to learn his photographic craft from such celebrated directors as Robert Wise, among others.  With his first serious writing attempt, Bill created and wrote a TV comedy pilot about his dad. Two weeks later he is signed with one of the top agencies in LA and his script is optioned by Universal. That got him into the Writer’s Guild of America (WGAW), adding to his memberships in the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the Actor’s Equity Association (AEA). 

In 1997 Bill relocated to the Central Coast area, where he raised a family and participated in numerous community, business and media projects. Having learned to fly in college Bill bought a small airplane and introduced “Fine Art Aerial Photography” to the world. With a love for speed and danger many of his shots with his 6x7 camera at 300 off the ground brought a whole new look into the world of photography. Combining photography with flying, he quickly became one of the leading Fine Art Aerial photographers in the country (www.WilliamSchererPhotography.com).  As Bill explains, “There’s something fulfilling about shooting incredible landscapes while flying 100 miles per hour at just 300 feet off the ground and safely piloting the plane at the same time.” A few years later, Bill bought a Kawasaki ZX-14 motorcycle and within six months set a new World Land Speed record (in class) at the Bonneville Salt Flats going over 200 mph despite the fact that he hasn’t been on a motorcycle in 35 years. 

After setting two more World Speed records at Bonneville and with computer and camera equipment coming down in price, Bill took to his next challenge: “Can a person who has never gone to film school write, direct, produce, edit and color a Hollywood caliber movie on a limited budget?”  


 Shooting “House on Rodeo Gulch”, a feature-length movie, was a major milestone.  Prior to that, writing the script, searching for cast & crew in a small town and getting up to speed on the technology was a major challenge.  Once filming was completed, this psychological drama labored through post-production. Bill stresses “labored” because post-production took longer and was much more agonizing then actually shooting the movie.   Editing was a pain staking process and not just for story flow.  Color, light and sound editing were equally crucial as were the special effects done in post-production.   If not for the help of friends and a never quit mind-set, these mega jobs would yet languish on his to-do list.  Numerous “learning” mistakes were made in the making of “House on Rodeo Gulch” but the film came in on budget and has received good reviews. This film afforded Bill an outstanding learning experience and qualifies him as a complete filmmaker. Now that it is completed, Bill has two more exciting scripts in his pipeline.