Jon Donnis, Been to the Movies

July 29, 2017

House on Rodeo Gulch is a psychological thriller set in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz, California. And the first thing that you will notice when watching this is how beautifully this is shot. I know I really appreciated some of the angles, and scenery, really beautiful area.

The film follows a mother and daughter after they move into this beautiful house, nothing could possibly go wrong could it, well just when you think everything is perfect life has this annoying way of turning everything upside down. As things start to happen in the house, we are at first led to believe it is the paranormal, but as the story unfolds, the truth turns out to be just as if not more terrifying. So is there anyone out there who can help? Perhaps the next door neighbour, a respectable Reverend, with a big old cross dangling from his next. Surely he cant be involved right?

There is even a scene that I personally would consider the perfect embodiment of one of my own biggest fears, I wont spoil it, but lets just say after I finished watching the film, I will be checking things even closer than usual. And that is the point about this film, it does well when it comes to making you think.

That's not to say the film is without humour, it has some good moments which made me laugh, not to mention some perfectly acceptable and enjoyable gratuitous moments with the stunningly gorgeous Megan Jay Simrell running about in her underwear.

I found this to be a thoroughly enjoyable old fashioned psychological thriller, with some stand out moments, and some creepiness that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

I watched this on a Saturday night all alone in the dark, my advice to you is perhaps leave one light on. Just in case. Oh and never mess with a cute girl in her underwear, you never know where she might be concealing her gun.

I give this film a decent 8/10

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